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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Life as a Rhombus by Varian Johnson

My Life as a Rhombus by Varian Johnson
isbn 0738711608, 312 pages

In this story, Rhonda attends a high end private school but avoids fitting in. She spends her time in the books. But she is forced to change course when she begins tutoring Sarah, one of the most popular girls in school. When she learns that Sarah is pregnant, memories of her own past help them to bond as friends. But Rhonda's past also blocks her ability to enjoy a relationship with Sarah's brother.

This was a nice story. It attempted to show a girl's struggle to avoid the mistakes of the past while trying to move on with her life. I also appreciated the fact that while the main characters where African American, it wasn't what defined them.

I completed this book as a participant in the following challenges.


  1. Sounds like a good one! I'll get your link added to the round up post I've got going. Thanks!

  2. Interesting. Hooray for local authors!!

  3. When you say you liked that the characters were Af-Am but it didn't define them, what do you mean? I don't quite understand that comment.

    I've picked this up a few times but never got around to reading it. How do you think the aspects of teen pregnancy were handled in the book? And when you say it was nice, does that mean it was good or just okay?

  4. TheEnglishist,
    I mean that it wasn't a book about "being black", ie. the stereotypes of struggles in the hood, nor was it about being seen a certain way because of being black. Were there not descriptions of their appearance, the characters could have been of any race.
    The book wasn't about judging a teen for becoming pregnant nor did it make it seem like an easy thing. I enjoyed the book.

  5. Okay, thanks for the extra info!