My craft blog was morphing into a book blog. So I started this blog to primarily include book reviews and related challenges in which I participate. I review young adult and adult fiction, but I mention kids books here and there.

About Me

My name is Erika. I'm a wife and mom living in central Texas. My career is in education, and I'm always looking for creative outlets. (Translated, this means that I have a habit of starting hobbies that I don't finish.) In an effort to motivate me to complete some projects, I started a couple of blogs.

Reading With Momma
This is where I write about the non-work-related books that I find time to read as well as the related blog challenges that I participate in.

Made by Momma
This is a blog about stuff I'm making. I honestly started it as a means of accountability for myself. My hope is that if I publicly discuss my projects, I might finish something. And if I find a need to create a post, I might be motivated to start new and different projects.