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Saturday, April 3, 2010

WG: Checking Out Libraries

Over at Weekly Geeks, this week's prompt is about libraries.
I have a mom who loves to read, so there were always books around the house. I recall going to the library and looking through the card catalog (would I be dating myself to admit that I miss those?). I loved having my own card. I'm sure that I went to the school library, but my childhood library memories involve the public library.

I now live in a larger town that has a library with several branches. I used to have the intention of visiting every branch, but that hasn't happened. I would guess that I have frequented 5-6 branches, though. I love the branch in my neighborhood because they know me and my children by name.

Since I've been blogging, I now visit the library about once every week and half. I frequent the library a lot more during the summer because I want to keep my kiddos reading. I'm cheap, so I rarely buy books. When I do, they tend to be more reference "how to" types that I typically purchase used or on clearance.

Thanks, Weekly Geeks, for the post idea!

I am a participant in the Support Your Local Library challenge.


  1. I always go to the main branch of our library, don't even know where the closest one to where I live is. I suppose I need to find out, I'd love my librarian to know me and my kids by name.

  2. I don't particularly care for the library in my own town but love the brand new library in the next town over which I happen to drive by more frequently and it has this awesome concept called CLOSE PARKING. (which is embarrassing to admit that I can't be bothered to walk a block and brave traffic, oh well) I also tutor out of another library and love the vibe - it's very active and has such a wonderful feeling to it. I don't check out as many books as I should considering I'm there all the time - I just own too many and somehow keep acquiring more. This is a great weekly geeks topic. Happy Library Week!

  3. I am also participating in the Support Your Local Library challenge. I've completed 75 books so far. My weekly geeks is here.

  4. We have a top notch library system in my home town. I live near the main branch but there are three other branches that are about fifteen minutes away from my home.

    We have a pretty nice size system. The community has really kicked in to be of support because the budget cuts have shortened hours and a lot of people now volunteer due to staff cuts.

    I've been to quite a few of the branches outside of my community as well. My favorite is still the Metro which is the main branch. I can walk from home and be inside of their doors in less than ten minutes.

  5. Oh, I miss card catalogs too! Not to mention library cards that were actually made of card stock instead of plastic. As I recall, my first library card got pretty dog-eared. :-)