My craft blog was morphing into a book blog. So I started this blog to primarily include book reviews and related challenges in which I participate. I review young adult and adult fiction, but I mention kids books here and there.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggiesta - Update 1

OK, in my first couple of hours of the bloggiesta I have
  • participated in Beth's Label mini challenge by adding labels to those posts I had neglected. I also added a label gadget in my sidebar. (I hadn't realized that it wasn't there!)
  • I updated my list of challenges. It looks a bit intimidating to me.
  • I added a gadget, which recognizes new and returning visitors and changes the greeting text accordingly. Directions for doing this can be found here for blogger and here for wordpress.
  • I created a landing/about me page.


  1. Hey that gadget is cool, care to share where you got it from? Good luck on the Bloggiesta, I'm participating too, although I'm having trouble getting anything done with two kids and a puppy.

  2. Oh, my. My ToDo list is growing as I read through your Bloggiesta posts. I am not a very good post labeler, and I really should be. Challenges and gadgets and landing pages intimidate me. With any luck I'll hear about the next Bloggiesta BEFORE it happens...

    Good luck with all things bloggish, and happy reading!

    Loree Griffin Burns