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Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Finds

Due to my participation in the ReadAThon, I found lots of suggestions for reads and re-reads. Here's what I'd added to my "to be read" pile.

  • Ashley
    reminded me of Flowers in the Attic. It has been forever ever since I read that one, so I think I'll go looking for it to see if it makes me feel the same as my young innocent self felt all those years ago.
  • Alyce suggested Outlander, which I had never heard of. So I'm giving it a try.
  • Helen suggested Animal Dreams. This another I hadn't heard of, so I will give it a try.
  • Resurfacer mentioned Shantaram, so I'll have to go and find it.
  • Luluette told me about And ladies of the Club.

There were lots more, but I'm going to stick with these for now. Some of them appear to be quite long. And I don't have nearly the time for reading fiction as I would like.

Thanks, guys, for these suggestions.

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