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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Hardcover: 288 pages ISBN: 0316114278

I finally found time to finish Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin.

This is the story of a family that has few earthly possessions. The father entertains his daughter with fables, but the mother sees these stories as useless. Because of the mother's dissatisfaction with the family's financial position, the daughter sets out on an adventure to change their fortune based on what she has heard in the fables.

I enjoyed the story within a story format. I also loved how the stories told by the characters weaved into the plot. The hopefulness of the main character, Minli, kept the story going for me. And watching the distress of the parents gave it the right amount of tension.

I actually have very little time for fiction right now, but I picked this book up at every opportunity. I was ready to see who Minli would meet next and how that would tie in to what had happened so far. This book is aimed at a youth audience, and I am sure that my 9 year old will enjoy it immensely. I know that I did, and I am MUCH older than 9.

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